Connect the Lingo

Rules, terms, and just plain weird sports slang

An illustration of a character drawing a line to connect the phrases “Connect The” and “Lingo.”
Soccer calls two goals a what? Photo: Alyssa Umbal / The Peak

By: Greg Makarov, Sports Writer

Word Bank: over and back, love, yard sale, brace, technical fall, direct free kick, ace, Calder, face wash, drop shot

  1. When a soccer player scores twice in a game
  2. When an opposing player/team fails to touch the ball after a serve
  3. Winning by 15 or more points in wrestling is called a _______
  4. When a tennis player has zero points on the board it’s referred to as ____
  5. This type of foul in soccer results in a player shooting from where the foul occurred 
  6. When a basketball player has possession of the ball in their opponents court and walks back into their own end
  7. The _____ cup is awarded to the winning team in the American Hockey League 
  8. A ____ shot is one in “tennis or squash that drops quickly after crossing the net or dies after hitting a wall”l
  9. An intimidation tactic used in hockey by shoving one’s gloves in an opponent’s face 
  10. When a player’s equipment comes off after a hard hit 


Answer Key 

  1. brace 
  2. ace
  3. technical fall 
  4. love 
  5. direct free kick
  6. over and back 
  7. Calder
  8. drop shot 
  9. face wash 
  10. yard sale