The Peak Club: SFU women’s basketball

Kendal Sands pictured about to release the ball for a shot.
A close look at three veteran players and the skills they plan to bring to the team this season. Paul Yates

By: Vanshita Sethi, SFU Student 

The women’s basketball team will kick off their season this Friday in the D2CCA Tip Off At the Trailhead against Nova Southeastern University. SFU previously beat them by a score of 76–56 when they met last on December 19, 2016. In preparation for the upcoming year, here are three veteran players to keep an eye on this season. 

Name: Kendal Sands 

Position: Point Guard 

Skills: Defense (96), Offense (95), Aggression (97)

Kendal Sands is a senior on the SFU women’s basketball team. After a drilling two hour practice, the 5ft9 athlete was more than willing to answer a few quick questions for The Peak. 

When asked if there was any match that stuck with her, she smiled broadly. SFU was up against the number one ranked USA team, Northwest Nazarene University. The game was down to its final seconds when Sands rose to the occasion and drilled a winning three-pointer shot to hand Northwest Nazarene their first loss of the season. 

The highly spirited athlete showcased her extraordinary shooting ability during Wednesday’s practice session. In terms of defense, Sands prides herself on her defensive intensity, and her ability to put a stop to the opposing team’s offense. On offense, Sands’ “court vision” allows her to easily find her teammates open to pass the ball off for an assist. Among her top skills is her aggression. Seen on the court during practice and during games, Sands makes a conscious effort to always drive hard to the hoop. 

Defensive-minded, tough, and a visionary, Sands skills earn her a 96 rating overall.  


Name: Emma Kramer 

Position: Guard 

Skills: Communication (95), Awareness (96), Leadership (93)

Emma Kramer is a returning guard who scored 109 points during the 2019–20 season for the women’s team. The 5ft11 athlete has seen many games in her four years on the squad; however the one game that still makes her eyes sparkle is against Western Oregon. She was in her freshman year and was the top scorer of the game with 13 points. 

Kramer shone brightly on Wednesday as she asserted great control over the ball, and frequently communicated to her teammates during the duration of the practice. Kramer also spoke on the significance of having “basketball IQ.” As a player, you have to be able to read the play ahead of time and make the subsequent decisions to be successful, she explained. While basketball focuses primarily on teamwork, there needs to be a leader to rally the team together. Kramer prides herself on her leadership skills to help support and guide younger players. 

Kramer’s confidence in her abilities and her teammates earn her a 95 rating overall. 


Name: Claudia Hart 

Position: Forward 

Skills: Speed (97), Shooting (92), Teamwork (95)

Claudia Hart remembers her own performance against Northwest Nazarene University, playing 14 minutes, and scoring three points. Since that historical victory, Hart has only continued to grow and improve. The 6ft1 forward is quick on her feet, as she transitions across the court from defense to offense for a hard lay up. Another crucial skill of hers is three-point shooting. During the game, Hart creates lanes to nail a swish. While it can be rewarding to be a lone wolf out front scoring points, Hart is a teamplayer. Her teammates put their faith in her and she responds by racking up points. 

Seasoned, fast, and accountable, Hart’s trio of skills earn her a 95 rating overall.