Your SFU Horoscopes: October 11–17

Spooky horoscopes based on your star sign


By: Chitransh Motwani, SFU Student

ARIES: Well, we know you’re excited for Halloween and your ghostly spirit is at its peak, but turn down your party playlist this weekend because all your housemates have midterms coming up.

TAURUS: We all can feel it . . . the doors are opening by themselves and something is creeping in. We all don’t see it but you’re the person who can protect everyone by double-checking doors and putting down those eight-legged creatures. How about you take some rest this week, you dependable human being.

GEMINI: I can tell you that you’re going to pull some uncanny pranks this year: draw scary faces on the mirror, put (fake) insects in your friends’ beds, or do whatever makes you feel lively. 

CANCER: Don’t you dare make all your housemates watch that horror movie, or you’ll all be hiding under the covers for the rest of the week. You’ll be in bed too, but you won’t get any sleep.

LEO: You have been working way too hard for the last couple of months. Pat your back, get that jar of candies, and eat them all. And if you still feel like screaming because you’re dead inside, scream as loud as you can tonight.

VIRGO: Start putting some effort into your life. Even though everything seems dead, you need to try. Ask out that person you always wanted to; either you’re getting a new date or an answer, don’t let your lack of decision haunt you this week.

LIBRA: You have a mystery to solve. Maybe it’s just that one assignment you’re postponing until the last moment or a significant life decision? Find out what’s out of the ordinary and you might have a fun week.

SCORPIO: Are you noticing awkward laughs, creaky floors, or bats outside? Maybe you just have a weird roommate and you live somewhere old, but just saying, look out for yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you working hard or hardly working? Don’t pull another all-nighter this week, because the vampires want something to eat and we don’t want to lose another mate from university.

CAPRICORN: You always wanted your housemates to do something fun together, right? Get them a set of embarrassing Halloween costumes to wear all week and you are good to go!

AQUARIUS: You haven’t been as lively as you used to be, with everything that’s going around (it’s fair, to be honest). I’d recommend you rely on ghosts to help you get through the walls. Purchase a ouija board and visit an empty graveyard for some direction in life.

PISCES: Go have some fun, you brainy kid. You’ve been stuck in the textbooks for long enough now; we know zombies love fried brains. Just fake a ghost incident and catch your friends shocked!

A peaceful cartoon woman surrounded by Zodiac symbols. She wears a yellow dress and has orange hair. Her hands are raised to hold one of the glowing signs.
ILLUSTRATION: Marissa Ouyang / The Peak

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