Monday Music: Songs for the descent into cuffing season

Tunes to listen to post-summer fling

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Sherine Jeevakumar, SFU Student

Lamenting the end of summer and with it, your summer fling? Curated to the cozy fall season, these tracks are sure to help you prepare for the upcoming cuffing season. Here’s to a journey from bittersweet goodbyes to serendipitous beginnings.

“Yesteryear Dreamscape” by Project Paradox

Image courtesy of Paradox

The opening of this song breathes nostalgia, while also signalling a wistful closing. Nearly angelic-sounding synths evoke a feeling of hopefulness for the beginning of something new. While parting ways is often difficult, this song reminds us to look forward to the changes that come with the seasons.

“Tonight You Are Mine” by The Technicolors

Image courtesy of 8123

Brimming with optimism from beginning to end, this track reflects the acceptance that comes with moving on. The bold rhythm and audacious in-your-face vocals work together to create a song that has you feeling like you can take on the world (and win).

“Nervous” by The Neighbourhood

Image courtesy of Columbia Records

This song flawlessly gives life to the initial bout of nerves that accompany the start of something new. Lead singer Jesse Rutherford singing, “Maybe I shouldn’t try to be perfect,” succinctly articulates the internal conflict of trying to stay true to yourself while trying to catch the eye of that special someone. As the chorus swells, a smooth beat kicks in, and the listener feels both seen and comforted, making this track a wonderful choice for those snug fall nights.

“So Damn Into You” by Vlad Holiday

Image courtesy of Vlad Holiday

“So Damn Into You” is an ode to the staggering feeling of being taken by surprise in the best way possible. Vlad Holiday croons, “It started with a bang / Don’t know how you got me so messed up / But baby, I won’t ever get enough, oh / Cause I’m so damn into you.” Combined with dreamy instrumentals, this creates a sense of warmth, pining, and passion —  concluding our descent into cuffing season.