The Real Patty Co. delivers Jamaican patties right to your door

The Simon family has created a winning combination of delicious flavours and wholesome ingredients

These locally-made patties offer meat, veggie, and vegan selections. Image courtesy of @yothatssobomb via Instagram

By: Marco Ovies, Features Editor

The other day I had the privilege of ordering from The Real Patty Co., a business run by the Simon family in Surrey. They specialize in Jamaican patties, which are flaky pastries filled with seasoned meat or vegetables. They offer flavours like jerk chicken, veggie curry, and even vegan ground round. Let me tell you, they are all delicious. 

The Real Patty Co. sells and delivers their patties frozen. You then follow the re-heat instructions, and within minutes, you have a hot Jamaican patty ready to devour. Plus, it is super convenient to order. When you order on their website, the patties are delivered to your doorstep the next day. 

The Real Patty Co. was created in 2020 and started out as a quarantine project. 

Like many Canadians, our wages were cut significantly which caused us to get creative,” said the Simon family. “We decided to make and sell Jamaican Patties on our community Facebook page using a family recipe handed down from Mama Maureen Simon.” After a very successful year, the family is proud to announce that their side hustle has turned into a booming family business. 

I really cannot stress enough how delicious these Jamaican patties are. I am absolutely obsessed with the jerk chicken. I don’t know what Mama Maureen Simon’s secret is, but she has created the ideal blend of spices and flavours that I can’t stop thinking about. The pastry on the outside is perfectly flaky and the jerk chicken has just the right amount of kick. You can feel it, but it’s not overwhelmingly spicy. I’m salivating just writing about them. The Real Patty Co. does not just do delivery either; they visit farmers markets across the Lower Mainland. 

If you’re trying to support more local businesses during the pandemic, then The Real Patty Co. should be on your radar. Be sure to follow The Real Patty Co. on Instagram and Facebook to catch all the latest specials, promotions, and where they will be setting up shop next. To place an order, check out their website.