Monday Music: Frolicking under cherry blossoms in the sun

Songs to put your mind at ease as you watch spring unfold

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Petra Chase, SFU Student

After months of gloomy weather — and so much time cooped at home slouched in front of a screen that the real world has started to look pixelated — spring has finally arrived. The baggage of due dates has been lifted off my shoulders and I’ve been feeling serene. There’s something about how sunlight slips through the branches of cherry blossoms and how pink petals pepper the ground like confetti that makes me want to bask under the ethereal ambience. These songs are the perfect soundtrack to help you find some comfort and calm in nature during spring.

“On a Weekend” by Haley Blais

Image courtesy of Tiny Kingdom Music Inc.

Vancouver local Haley Blais provides this song as a gentle reminder to “do what you wanna do” and that alone time does not have to be lonely. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, you may not be able to go to the movies or talk to a stranger like Blais does in this song, but there are plenty of quality solo activities you can embark on this spring. If you’re like me, you find opening all the windows on a hot day, tending to your plants, and puttering around the house to be the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Put this song on in the background and the synth-vocals, upbeat rock, and playful tone might bring you the same joy it brings me. It’s the kind of pure joy that makes me want to frolic around the neighbourhood, stopping to smell every flower I lay my eyes on.

“Love Me Anyway” by Chappell Roan

Image courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation

At first listen, “Love Me Anyway” comes across as the epitome of a cheesy coming-of-age romance story: it’s a happy-ending tale told with cliché recollections of childhood, like summer camp and school dances. But the song’s genuineness and giddiness make it enchanting instead of cheesy. Roan’s majestic vocal range paired with her Missouri twang are gorgeous in this track and are bound to make you feel dreamy. This song resonates perfectly with a sunny afternoon in rosy Queen Elizabeth Park.

“Should Have Known Better” by Sufjan Stevens

Image courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty Records

I couldn’t not include a song from Sufjan Stevens in this list. His album Carrie & Lowell is my go-to whenever I need to feel calm, and it’s perfect for reflective strolls. “Should Have Known Better” is about the tension between regret and acceptance, making it a perfect muse during the changing of the seasons. With soft vocals and light instrumentals, this song is sunbeams embodied in musical form — just listen, you’ll understand. Steven’s acceptance of the past through an optimistic revelation about the future is the reassurance we all need to hear during uncertain times.

“Isombard” by Declan McKenna

Image courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Fast-paced. Chaotic. Rebellious. The bold drum beats and synth arpeggios in this track are perfect for humming along and strumming the air. This is a song you listen to while going on an adrenaline-induced outdoor adventure or dancing weirdly around your room like no one’s watching. “Isombard” is a word McKenna made up, and I think that whimsical energy perfectly matches the song.