Written by: Mahdi Dialden, News Writer

The Plaza Renewal Project is planned for completion during the Fall 2020 term. The project began in December 2018 in the Convocation Mall of SFU’s Burnaby campus and currently isn’t facing delays, according to project manager James Bremner. 

The project was broken down into two phases. One phase focused on construction in the AQ, and the second phase on the Convocation mall and Transportation Centre. 

“The project is necessary to replace the existing roofing membrane and outdoor paving, while improving drainage and accessibility with new ramps and upgraded stairways,” Bremner said. 

“We’ve also taken this opportunity to beautify the plaza space with new landscaping, furnishings, and finishes to further emphasize the sense of importance that Convocation Mall and the AQ has to SFU, in a way that is also sensitive to the campus’ architectural heritage.” 

Most of the plaza is already open to use for students. Bremner noted, “Only the area’s around Fountain Square and the Transportation Centre, where the work is still ongoing, is closed off to the public.” 

Bremner concluded with a final statement saying that “the architects and contractors have done a wonderful job with the plaza, it provides a vibrant and beautiful space for the SFU community to enjoy.”