Monday Music: Songs to wake you up before your dreaded work shift

Clock in with a spring in your step with these feel-good bops

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Alyssa Victorino, SFU Student

Getting in the right headspace before the mind-numbing task of serving extra hot, half-sweet caramel macchiatos with added pumps of this and that can be challenging when you’re already in a bit of a funk. With the incessant gloom of the pandemic, an extra pick-me-up seems almost essential nowadays. So, turn the volume up, keep your head held high, and get inspired by these songs as you serve those drinks vibrantly, baby. 

Monte Carlo” — Remi Wolf 

Courtesy of Remi Wolf, under exclusive license to Island Records

This song has been finding its way into every one of my playlists since I heard it on Spotify’s Lorem last summer. Remi Wolf, an up-and-coming artist from LA, classifies her music as “funky soul pop” and I cannot get enough of it. This playful jam is an ode to the distant sunny memory of carefree pre-COVID partying, making it an alarm that you won’t want to turn off. Bottom line, good luck not bopping to this one in the back room.


Woodlawn” — Aminé 

Courtesy of Republic Records

Playing the lowly flute in my high school band, I felt seen when I heard its undeniable airy sound intertwined with the beats of this track. Not only does the flow demand movement from your body, the song’s subject matter is a cause for celebration. “Woodlawn” is a nod to the rapper’s humble roots in Portland, Oregon, the song standing as a refreshing testament to staying grounded when your reality is far from what it once was. It will definitely break you out of your trance as you stare blankly at the clock waiting for your shift to start, keeping you not only awake, but energized as well. 



Courtesy of Question Everything, Inc

The greatness of the album iridescence still keeps me up at night to this day. Filled with polarizing and staggering transitions, “THUG LIFE” is one of the more mellow alternative hip-hop tracks from this record — however, its lyrics are anything but. The beauty of this song is that it effortlessly juxtaposes the desolation of depression with a lighthearted and reassuring melody. With the world feeling more fragile than ever, the song serves as a reminder that the good and the bad exist in tandem, and that it is possible to find a reason to dance despite having a job that may not entice you to do so. 


I Knew” — Lizzy McAlpine

Courtesy of Elizabeth McAlpine

OK, here me out. I know this slow folk-pop-esque number is unconventional for this list, but it’s the type of song that feels so good to sing your heart out to. About halfway, there’s a sweet, elusive moment where the violin line melds onto Lizzy’s ethereal harmonies like honey. If you’re a harmony enthusiast like me, that passage will be enough to wake you up. Though its message of unrequited love is incredibly heart-wrenching, the tune will give you a sense of catharsis, serving as a gracious sponge that soaks in any lethargic vibes you might be possessing. 

Now, go conquer your duties while feeling a little more awake, friend. 

More songs that emulate the effects of caffeine 

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