Monday Music: Songs for when you’re trapped in a horror movie of your own making

Worship the moon, confront your own demons, or generally wreak Halloween havoc with this dark and twisted soundtrack

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Kimia Mansouri, SFU Student

The veil between the world of the living and the dead is at its thinnest. So bathe under the rare, bright Full Blue moon, and celebrate Samhain properly with this playlist that takes you on a witchy, horror journey. Conjure your darkest desires this Halloween and give in to them. Summon Hecate and Pan, and attempt rituals that supposedly make you live forever. 

I will take no responsibility, lest the viewers commit any crimes upon reading this.*


“This Is Halloween” — Marilyn Manson

Courtesy of Disney


Nothing can go wrong with a song from a classic Tim Burton movie, but I cannot assure that with Marilyn Manson’s gothic metal twist added to the piece. Manson’s cover of The Nightmare Before Christmas’ most recognized song is ideal for embracing the frightening monster that you keep hidden in the back of your mind, because as Manson ominously sings, “Life’s no fun without a good scare.”


“A Little Piece of Heaven” — Avenged Sevenfold

Courtesy of Warner Records Inc.


Have you ever felt like your relationship with a partner is going so well, that you murder them out of fear of breaking up? Great, this graphic metalcore and rock song could be your soundtrack. Celebrate your love with this song, as the narrator rips “her heart out right before her eyes”, and eats it. 


“Seven Devils” — Florence + The Machine 

Courtesy of Universal Island Records


Get in losers, we’re casting dark magick on humans to avenge our ancestors in Salem. This alternative/indie song is the perfect backdrop for empowering all witches and is ideal for sacrificial rituals in the forest. Florence’s operatic ethereal voice raises the goosebumps on your skin and strengthens your connection to the craft.   


“In Boxes” — Aurora 


Courtesy of Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

With her magical, goddess-like vocal range, on the surface, Aurora beautifully depicts a story of a lonely woman who murders her lovers and keeps parts of them in boxes underneath her bed. However, beneath the surface of this indie-pop song, you will find a well-formed extended metaphor about letting go of the weight of past relationships — a good resolution for this Witch’s New Year.


“Special Death” — Mirah

Courtesy of K Records


So far, we have scared kids, killed our beloved, and practiced dark magick by sacrificing our enemies. Time for the “what have I done?” moment, where you’ll be sitting head in hands, contemplating your life and your identity. When you are dead to the people you love and you lose the last bits of your innocence. There’s comfort in the melancholic mood of this indie/alternative song which resembles the paradigmatic ominous music box song featured in almost all ghost movies, flawlessly carrying out you fully over to the dark side.


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*The Peak does not actually condone violence of any kind