Andrew Petter, amongst others, provide statements in solidarity against racism

Other student groups and societies have also expressed their support for Black communities over the past week

Photo courtesy of Simon Fraser University

Written by: Michelle Gomez, News Editor and Paige Riding, News Writer

SFU President Andrew Petter has released a statement on SFU’s stance against racism.

“The events of recent days add further urgency to this cause. Racism has no place in our society, and we have a responsibility not only to condemn discriminatory behaviour, but also to take action to support inclusion for all,” the statement said.

“At SFU, this starts with acknowledging the role we play in perpetuating systemic discrimination, and accepting that we have work to do to ensure that our ideals for a just society are reflected in our own practices, policies and procedures.”

SFU also Tweeted on June 5 a list of resources for “anyone looking to begin incorporating anti-racist activism into daily life.” 

The SFU library has also condemned anti-Black racism. In their statement is a list of commitments, including revising library policies and collecting works that “challenge anti-Black racism and support the work of dismantling white supremacy.

Various student groups have also made anti-racism statements. The Simon Fraser Student Society released a statement in solidarity with Black Lives Matter on June 1. 

The statement says, “We, as the SFSS, also acknowledge the harm that we have caused the Black community on our campus over the years. We have since committed ourselves to maintaining Black community space on campus, and will continue working with Black student organizers and allies.” The statement is followed by a list of Black-led organizations to donate to and other informational resources. 

Additionally, the Society of Arts and Social Sciences made a Facebook post in solidarity with Black communities.

The Students of Caribbean & African Ancestry posted a statement on their Facebook page on May 31. 

“The consistent disregard of Black bodies through police violence and the persistence of white supremacy within our society can be disheartening but we must not lose hope,” it read.

“We know the importance of community action and solidarity towards the goal of destroying systems of oppressions and injustice within our society. We will not look from the sidelines while our brothers and sisters are being murdered innocently. This is a worldwide systematic issue not just an America issue.” It also explained the importance of donating to fundraising efforts, the sharing of Black art, and the amplification of protests. 

SOCA also stated in a statement released to The Peak that the club is “encouraged by the numbers of people that showed up to stand in solidarity with the recent innocent victims of police brutality.”