Monday Music: spacey songs for insomniacs

Hey . . . u up?

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

by Molly Lorette, SFU Student

For whatever reason, I always feel as though reality works a little bit differently after staying up till the early hours of the morning. While there seems to be a little bit of discrepancy between the exact allotted hours, this period of time is classically referred to as the witching hour (the time of night associated with supernatural activity). So perhaps it makes sense that our brains tend to operate a little differently. In any case, if you want a nice ambiance while lying in bed and dissociating a little bit, here are a few tunes to set the mood.


Space Song” — Beach House

As the title would suggest, this beautiful tune makes you feel as though you’re weightlessly floating throughout the sky amongst the constellations, or like you’re in the midst of a peaceful lucid dream. The emotional response that this song seems to exude is difficult to describe, but to me it seems to be something along the lines of melancholic nostalgia with a dash of yearning. Whatever it is, this tune is well suited to accompany you when you begin pondering all of those “what ifs” and those somewhat troubling “could have been” thoughts.


Hot Knifer” — Peach Pit

I’m going to admit a personal bias here: this jam has a special place in my heart. The indie-pop band Peach Pit hails from Vancouver and has established themselves as a staple within my Spotify playlists for a few years now. Nevertheless, the peacefully melodic guitar seems to have a way of soothing one to sleep, while vocalist and rhythm-guitarist Neil Smith pines over an unrequited love and #BlazesIt. Really repping that classic Vancouver spirit, guys!


Lover is a Day” — Cuco

A spacey playlist is never complete without a healthy dose of synth. I don’t make the rules, I only follow them. As I’m sure we know, depression is a difficult and fickle thing to deal with, which Cuco addresses with his rambly and repetitive lyrics backed with melancholic tunes. Since these early hours tend to be a very cerebral time in which we overthink everything, this song is a perfect fit for a late night never-ending mental stream.