Lesser-known SFU Clubs to help fuel your artistic soul

Does the semester feel like it will never end? Well these clubs will help you get out of that funk

by Marco Ovies, Arts Editor

Here it comes: the near-end-of-the-semester blues. I don’t know about you, but Week 9 is always the toughest for me because a) my classes start talking about our final papers and exams, b) I’m ready to end the semester but it seems so far away, and c) March 6 is Dentist Day and I don’t know what to get my dentist. To help me deal with that added stress I usually try and partake in some form of artistic relief. So if you’re like me and need some form of creative outlet to help relieve your stress, check out these clubs. 


The Darkroom Club:

Are you a fan of analog cameras and want to develop your own film? Well look no further than The Darkroom Club. Personally, I didn’t even know SFU had a darkroom, but this club is trying to make this more accessible to students. It is open to all skill levels and there are plenty of people in the group who are willing to teach newcomers how to start developing their own photos. Plus, the Facebook group hosts cover photo contests where members can submit photos to be used as the group’s cover photo. If you would like to inquire more about joining, or if you just want to use the darkroom, you can leave a message on the Facebook group or contact markn@sfu.ca.


SFU Knitting Club:

Do I know how to knit? Knope, but these guys sure do. They are super beginner-friendly and include all the supplies needed for their workshops, so you can show up and get straight to knitting. On their Facebook page they stress that they exist to “help facilitate healthy stress-reduction techniques to improve your well-being.” On March 3 they are hosting a crochet cat hat workshop for beginners, so be sure to RSVP to that on their Facebook event


SFU Metal:

If you want to join the ranks of metal-music enthusiasts then look no further than SFU Metal. According to their information page, they are a club meant “to bring metal musicians together for the purpose of playing music and to discuss music theory within the metal community.” I don’t have an extensive knowledge on metal music to say anything insightful here, but you can check up on meeting times and new music on their Facebook group page. 


SFU Latin Dance Passion:

Looking to put a little more boogie in your step? You can sign up for dance lessons with SFU’s Latin Dance Passion. They teach both Bachata and Salsa (not the dip, so leave your tortilla chips at home). According to their website they “specialize in helping ‘two left feet’ students become the best dancer they can be,” which is good news for me since two left feet is all I’ve got. Lessons are every Wednesday and are offered at a variety of skill levels. For newcoming participants, students pay $50 for Salsa or Bachata, and it’s $60 if you would like to participate in both — both prices account for the entire semester. Returning participants get $10 off the newcomer price. You can check their schedule online to see which class is right for you.