Board Shorts: June 27, 2019

Notes from the latest board meeting

Irene Lo / The Peak

By: Onosholema Ogoigbe, News Team Member

SFSS hears presentation on vaccines

Ajit Johal, a clinical instructor at the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, gave a presentation about vaccine hesitancy and making vaccines available on campus. The presentation was titled “Looking at the unmet need of protecting adolescents and young adults against vaccine preventable diseases.”

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Accessibility Committee at-large reps appointed

The board has appointed Andrew Araneta, Vivian Ly, Ana Lozitskaia, and Mikaela Basile as student at-large members on the SFSS Accessibility Fund Committee for the Summer 2019 semester.

This follows from a discussion from the May 30 meeting about the board developing an accessibility standard policy. SFSS president Giovanni HoSang had provided The Peak with a statement about how the committee would be able to meet and work on developing such a policy for board approval after the appointment of at-large representatives.

Project expense process

Following inquiries from board members, SFSS Executive Director Sylvia Ceacero stated that having the board approve low-cost expenditure requests delayed projects. She reminded the board of the process for expenditures tied to projects: low-cost expenditures are to be processed immediately though her and outlined in their committee meetings. This allows the committees to get their funds approved on time, and the board would still be aware of the funds being used. 

“What I’m getting at is that [. . .] we should have one method,” she said of the request process.