SFU Lingo: commentary by a UBC student

“I’ve never really seen SFU campus so I don’t know.”

Illustration by Marissa Ouyang/The Peak

By: Jennifer Low, Features Editor

In my family, I am considered the odd one out for having gone to SFU, rather than UBC like my parents and sister. This makes for some very funny conversations considering that most of the time, they don’t know what I’m talking about. Having been at SFU for three years now, I realize that I have finally learned the lingo of our campus that just can’t be understood by anyone else.

So I decided to send a message to my sister, who attends UBC, and ask her to share her opinion of each of the following SFU terms, without much context.


Alyssa: Oh, that one’s easy. Tim Hortons, right?



Alyssa: Ummm . . . aqueous? Google seems to think it’s Adventure Quest.

*After I tell her:

Alyssa: What the heck is an Academic Quadrangle! Isn’t that just like academic square?



Alyssa.: Oh, I know this one. It’s when you’re trying to write “task” but you’re half-asleep in class so you misspell it (also, you’re just bad at spelling).


The Avocado /  Egg

Alyssa: Is this the avocado on toast thing? . . . with egg?


The Study

Alyssa: I’m guessing this is talking about the library where all the good students go to hit the books. 🙂



Alyssa: Are you talking about the art around campus? I don’t think that’s from the Renaissance period. It’s probably a Canadian artist from the 21st century.


The 145

Alyssa: Alright, so this is either 1:45 p.m., the last class of the day, or it’s a bus route. See, I know my TransLink!


Saywell Stairs and Production Stairs

Alyssa: I don’t know what “Saywell” is, but are you talking about Production SkyTrain Station?



Alyssa: Mt. Burnaby Campus? That’s what you call it, right? I know there are a few campuses across B.C., like in Surrey and Vancouver. Is this how you differentiate them?



Alyssa: This is probably the name of a building, but I have no idea what it stands for. I’m going to guess Robert Charlie Brown.


Replacement triple O’s

Alyssa: McDonalds? I don’t know. What kind of burger places do you have on campus? Unless you’re just messing with me and you’re actually talking about a coffee shop . . . but that would be weird.



Alyssa: Awww, did you name the fog that perpetually hangs around your campus? That’s cute.


Math West

Alyssa: The math building . . . on the west side. Is there a Math East? There must be. Otherwise, why would you call it Math West? Unless it’s someone’s name.


Those bronze statue things

Alyssa: I’m guessing this refers to a bronze statue thing. I’ve never really seen SFU campus so I don’t know.


The blue pyramid

Alyssa: More SFU art? Or maybe it’s a building that is pyramid-shaped and also blue?


The Mez

Alyssa: Can I pass on this one?


The hot tub

Alyssa: Umm . . . is it a hot tub? Do you mean your pond?

*After I tell her:

Alyssa: Wait . . . that’s horrible, they just sucked all the fun out of hot tubs. That’s a study pit of despair.


The Vancouver Campus sinks

Alyssa: Are they gross or something? Or on the flip side, are they really fancy?



Alyssa: Did you mean to send this or were you trying to post an image?