Out On Campus has temporarily moved to MBC Undergrounds due to construction noise

“A temporary solution that isn’t ideal but still meets many of our needs.”

Onosholema Ogoigbe/ The Peak

By Onosholema Ogoigbe, News Team Member

Due to construction around the Rotunda, Out on Campus (OOC) has moved to the SFSS Undergrounds.

In an interview with The Peak, OOC coordinator Ashley Brooks explained that the construction “makes the [original] space very difficult to work in.” Brooks says that the move allows OOC to set up “a kind of pop-up shop.”

“[It’s] a way to continue offering our services throughout our campus, just away from our usual space,” he elaborated. “It’s a lot quieter here, so it means that we can get our work done much easier and students are much more likely to come and spend time here than go to the noisy lounge.”

Located beside the Forum Chambers and under The Study, the Undergrounds currently houses both the OOC coordinator Ashley Brooks and admin assistant Noah Jensen along with a computer and a selection of pamphlets and resources from the OOC lounge.  The move took place on June 3.

Brooks affirms that the choice to move was not pushed upon OOC, saying that the option was offered by the SFSS after they filed complaints about the noise becoming unmanageable.

“This was sort of a temporary solution that was proposed that would help us to still connect with students who are being turned away because of the noise.”

Brooks also clarifies that the OOC lounge is not completely deserted. Due to convocation approaching, he believes that construction will stop work at least for next week.

“We will probably go back to the space for [the week of convocation], but while it’s noisy, this is just a temporary option for us [ . . . ] It’s definitely a preferable option . . . it’s by no means ideal, but it’s better than the current situation.”

Despite OOC’s presence, Brooks stated that as a open and bookable space for undergraduate students, the Undergrounds is “still bookable for student events and other things.”

“This is a generally good space to be working in, and there’s space enough for students to sit and still engage with us.”

Brooks states that despite the lack of certain key resources like the OOC library, “[students] do still have the option of going over to OOC when the construction noise is much quieter. It’s a temporary solution that isn’t ideal, but still meets many of [their] needs.”