Album Reviews: Kevin Abstract’s ARIZONA BABY and Still Woozy’s Lately

Courtesy of Question Everything Inc.

By: Kitty Cheung, Staff Writer

ARIZONA BABY by Kevin Abstract

ARIZONA BABY is the latest experimental hip-hop album from Kevin Abstract. The content of the album ranges from high-energy bangers like “Joyride” to more sentimental slow songs such as “Baby Boy.” Offering raw and personal lyricism, the Brockhampton founder taps into topics such as being marginalized for his homosexuality, regrets about his family, complicated friendships (even making reference to former bandmate Ameer Vann in “Corpus Christi”), and more.

A heartfelt and authentic artist, Abstract tends to expose his vulnerabilities through his work makes him. The production of the album is noteworthy for its experimental nature as well as its attentive execution. “American Problem” comes to mind as particularly impressive: the beat starts off as whimsical before transitioning to become vicious, sharp, and almost murderous. With ARIZONA BABY, Abstract once again proves himself to be an artistic visionary with unstoppable creative energy.

Courtesy of Still Woozy

Lately by Still Woozy

Still Woozy’s Lately is an EP packed with dreamy sounds. This genre-stretching artist combines funk, soul and electronic with mellow grace. The five-song collection opens with “Lava,” a New Age love ballad that is tender-hearted, sweet, and groovy as hell. “Ipanema,” notable for its morbid lyricism juxtaposed with playful beat, carries a strange romance: Omar Apollo croons a verse in Spanish, while Elujay lends his voice in English. “Habit” is a catchy slow jam that will have you floating along to Still Woozy’s gentle vocals. I would recommend Lately to any listeners interested in a brief and charming adventure.