Staying In: Friends From College

Featuring characters who are as flawed as they are funny

Photo curtesy of Indiewire

Written by: Beatriz Fernandes

Best For: Former How I Met Your Mother fans, MillennialsTM, people who like tea

Friends From College is the playful, daring, crude, and thought-provoking show you’ve been waiting for.

Based on the lives of six friends who used to be inseparable in university, Friends From College is a raw and honest portrayal of an eminent mid-life crisis taking a different form in all of its six main characters. This show navigates through lying, cheating, love, hate, the fragility of long term friendships, and unfinished business lodged within each of these complex relationships.  

The show features well known actors like Keegan-Michael Key (Ethan), Cobie Smulders (Lisa), and Billy Eichner (Felix). Friends From College presents the kind of witty, current comedy that you crave after a long day of work, with the complexity and emotional intelligence you demand of a television show.

Although season one received a fair amount of backlash due to the nuanced way that the show depicts the characters’ ambivalence towards cheating, I believe that it was a fair portrayal of the human condition at its worst. The nonchalant messiness of the characters is refreshing for television. Friends from College deviates from the typical, perfect protagonists, and it is a comedic portrayal of tragedy as a recoverable circumstance.

Cinematographically engaging and with tongue-in-cheek remarks, Friends from College is the comedy you don’t want to miss.

The first two seasons of Friends from College are currently available on Netflix