Spend Black History Month with SOCA

At SFU, you have to know about what’s coming up for Black History Month

Image courtesy of SOCA

By: Winona Young

February is not only the month of love, but more importantly, Black History Month! Spend the month right here at SFU with events planned by SOCA (Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry).

In case you missed it, SOCA already held movie screenings of films by Black directors and were led by Black characters. You can catch their last screening of Blackkklansman at Images Theatre on Feb. 8!

A few highlights of the many events they’ll be holding for the rest of February will be the Black Girl Magic Workshop at the Women’s Centre, held on February 12 and 19. That workshop in particular will focus on self-love for Black women, so ladies, feel free to drop by! If any students want to listen in on Black issues, there will also be the Black Spaces Matter: Panel Discussion that will revolve around the necessity for spaces for Black students on university campuses.

The biggest event of them all however will be AfroFest! Starting at 6 p.m. on February 28, AFROFESTIVAL is a cultural event that will feature free food, music, and a space to celebrate those of African ancestry. Done in collaboration with the UBC Black Student Union as well as other organizations, this festival will also feature performances from SinBirds, Kenyan Lewis, Diane Mutabaruka, and Rabbit with a live DJ.

The Peak spoke to SOCA’s President, Giovanni Hosang through email to speak further on his organization’s events. “SOCA holds the various Black History Month to showcase and raise awareness of the contributions that many black trailblazers and changemakers, black organizations, black-owned companies or black political blocs have made and continue to make to society,” Hosang wrote.

When asked about whether Black SFU students who aren’t as active within the community could benefit from their events, Hosang remarked that they absolutely could.

“For Black Students who aren’t as active, they definitely benefit from attending these events, through being able to connect and resonate with the experiences of other black students and through the shared stories of many that come before us,” Hosang mentioned. Hosang also noted that even non-Black students could benefit from attending such event. He wrote of how it’d be an opportunity to have important conversations towards anti-Black racism and help serve as an ally.

When asked to describe SOCA’s Black History Month events in one word, Hosang replied simply: “Fulfilling, and I will steal another word, lit.”

All of SOCA’s events will be free.