Staying In: Special Edition (Extra Credits and The Get Down)

Whether you feel like browsing YouTube for history or Netflix for a drama about the origins of hip-hop, Staying In is recommending two shows in this special edition!

Image courtesy of Extra Credits

By: Nathaniel Tok and Winona Young

Extra Credits

Best for: Gamers, History buffs, Poli-sci majors

Learning history should be fun, and you can make sure of that with the YouTube Channel Extra Credits. The channel releases a wide range of weekly educational video series from economics in MNO (Mobile Network Operator) gaming universes to how action points work in election cycles. However, the real highlight of this channel is the amazing history videos they put out.

The topics are diverse, with topics like famous entities with unexpected surprises. For example, watchers can find out how Otto van Bismarck’s laziness in university did not stop him from being Europe’s premier statesman and many more. I personally enjoyed learning how one medieval Majapahit prime minister laid the foundations for Indonesia, the fourth most populated country today.

The writers explain situations with meaningful humour, whether through inventing catchy phrases, creating silly artwork, or merely pointing out hilarious historical moments. The masterful writing means that if you do not know the history before watching the video series, each episode can feel like an actual show, leaving you on the edge of your seat eagerly anticipating what is to come. So tune in when you want to relax and still feel like you’re doing something productive – after all, it’s free! – NT

Extra Credits is available free on YouTube.

The Get Down

Best for: Hip-hop fans, Baz Luhrmann fanboys, Amateur Soundcloud rappers

The history of hip-hop may not be long, but God is it dramatic, gritty, glamorous, and full of badass rhymes. I’m talking about of course of the part historical fiction, part drama show that is The Get Down on Netflix. Focusing on a young Afro-Latinx Ezekiel, nicknamed “Books,” as he traverses the jungle that is the Bronx in the seventies. After having a chance meeting with an aspiring DJ named Shaolin, both discover the world of hip-hop as it sprouts from the concrete of New York City.

What’s so absolutely wonderful about The Get Down is not only its star-studded cast (Nas, Baz Luhrmann, Jaden Smith, Shameik Moore, Giancarlo Esposito to name a few), but the rich history it provides of how hip-hop came to be and the landscape of New York City in the 70s. We grow with the characters and dive deep into the boroughs of DJs all across the city.

The show, sadly, was criminally underrated and deprived of a third season. The Get Down stands out as a Netflix Original that had the makings of a truly wonderful show — hip-hop, well-rounded and diverse characters, a good-as-hell soundtrack, and rich history as a backdrop for the underdog duo. – WY

The Get Down is available on Netflix.