Staying In: Ms. Yeah

Deep in an office building in Chengdu, YouTuber Ms. Yeah is cooking up a delicious meal with only her office supplies and some determination!

Image courtesy of Ms. Yeah's Youtube Channel

By: Winona Young

Best for: Foodies, office goofballs, aspiring engineers/chefs

Where do you picture the ideal set for a cooking show? For Ms. Yeah, it’s not her kitchen, but her office desk. After her cooking video where she made a hotpot feast inside her office’s water cooler, Ms. Yeah has been cooking up a storm all the way from her workplace in Chengdu. Her unique cooking show revolves around Ms. Yeah repurposing office supplies into cooking appliances and such, all to make a dang good meal (and, of course, to share with her co-workers).

Some of her most memorable videos consist of her literally taking apart an overhead light and a storage rack to make a grill for barbecuing or making ice cream with a fire extinguisher by the side of a river.

But what makes Ms. Yeah’s videos so entertaining is not her innovative mind or knack for creativity, but her hilarious filmmaking style. Every video starts without much fanfare, or any commentary or spoken words at all. Throughout, the camera trails Ms. Yeah as she silently gathers all her supplies, completely expressionless — think The Office but mixed with Cooking Mama. Though she may seem shy, viewers quickly learn she’s actually a deadpan goofball with a truly unique gift for both cooking and engineering.

Ms. Yeah’s cooking videos are available on her YouTube channel for free.