What grinds our gears: Solo students taking up whole booths all by themselves

Photo by Gene Cole / The Peak

Written by: Gene Cole, Opinions Editor

I’ve been known to carry a lot on my back to campus each day. Between my laptop, large notepad, ton of pencils, chargers, and some form of entertainment, like a book or a Nintendo console, I can easily take up more space than I need.

But you know what isn’t the solution? Grabbing a table meant for a large group and pouring your entire bag and lunch across it.

It’s one thing to do this early in the morning, when nobody’s there and we’ve all got plenty of places to independently suffer before an 8:30 a.m. class. But to take all your things and use them to block a big group from being comfortable together at lunch is nothing short of mean.

Maybe you could be redeemed if you let other lonely students in, but with your Jackson Pollock of papers and tech, you discourage even the bravest students from going, “Hey, mind if I take this corner?”

You’ve got a bag. Put some of your stuff back in it and sit someplace else.