What Grinds Our Gears: WiFi Conectivity

Photo from Getty Images

Written by: Nathaniel Tok, SFU Student

As a university student, nothing sucks more than losing your Internet connection. As much as the SFU community hates Canvas and SFU Mail, we can’t even start to complain about them until the Internet actually connects . . . nor can we hand in the assignment we’ve finished five minutes before the deadline.

The nonsensical problems that Wi-Fi can have are bizarre. My laptop was able to securely connect to my home WiFi, but my phone refused to connect for no clear reason. The phone could still connect problem-free to SFU’s Wi-Fi though, meaning my router had it out for me. I was stumped for two days before turning the router off and on again, which somehow fixed the whole thing. I still don’t know why it occurred the way it did.

We depend on the Internet for so much: communication, research, entertainment, how-to guides, etc. We depend on it so much that it’s mind blowing how much of it is actually beyond our control and how little we actually understand about it. When one of the most important things in our lives fails, it’s maddening that we can’t do much beyond turning it on and off again.