WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Heartless bus drivers who clearly don’t give a damn

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun

Written by Eva Zhu, Opinions Editor

Do bus drivers even have functioning eyes? Are they suddenly overcome with a wave of blindness every time they see a student (who is probably late for class) sprinting for the bus? I swear, every single damn time I reach the back doors, the bus driver smirks smugly and drives away, leaving me fuming sitting on the sidewalk in a cloud of exhaust.

It’s even worse when I’m running on time — it’s a rare occurrence, but it happens — and the bus drives past me as I’m walking up to the stop. I don’t know about you, but I calculate the exact minute that I absolutely have to leave before the bus drives away. These traitorous bus drivers aren’t doing me any favours by pulling up three minutes early. Fam, you’re already early: would it kill you to wait an extra 10 seconds before driving off?

Who hurt you bad enough that you’d stare a poor kid directly in the eye, put your foot on the gas pedal, and leave? Don’t you want to be a Good Samaritan and let us on your safe haven on wheels?