POLITICAL CORNER: Making fun of John McCain’s health crosses all the lines

Photo courtesy of Confessions of a Funeral Director

Written by Eva Zhu, Opinions Editor

On May 10, White House aide Kelly Sadler made a joke about Senator John McCain, commenting that “he’s dying anyways” after hearing about his opposition to Donald Trump’s pick for the new CIA Director.

OK, first of all, not only is this man a Vietnam War veteran who has earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross (unlike Trump, who bragged about the Purple Heart that a veteran gave to him), he also has brain cancer. What kind of heartless piece of shit must you be to make light of the health of someone who’s already extremely ill?

When a White House employee utters such an atrocity, they should either resign due to shame or be immediately fired by the President. However, we all know what a terrible human being Trump is, and he’s probably giving her a raise. I mean, he loves to constantly insult people who are better than him like a playground bully.

Even politicians should have morals, and draw the line long before they “joke” about a respectful and reputable politician who had better kick brain cancer in the ass.