Hangue Kim, SFSS President 2017-8. (Photo courtesy of Hangue Kim)

By: Srijani Datta, Assistant News Editor


Note: Our interview with Kim was conducted via email. All responses have been left unedited.


The Peak: How are you feeling at the end of your term?

Hangue Kim: Proud. I am proud of the team for coming together and working hard for our students. The hours the team put in behind the scenes was inspiring and it motivated me to work harder. We were able build a strong team culture of mutual respect and accomplish almost every goal that we set in the beginning of the year.


P: What was the most rewarding part of the job?

HK: Being trusted with the responsibility for finding solutions to our fellow student’s problems.


P: What was the most challenging aspect of your role?

HK: Prioritizing your time. There is no shortage of work or issues that arise throughout the year and as President, you must dedicate your time wisely.


P: Student health plan administration reports that there’s a significant increase in SFU undergrad mental health visits, how do you see keep.meSAFE student support program benefiting students?

HK: The new SSP is going to benefit students by providing care 24/7 through multiple platforms (phone, chat, app, and web access), on-going short-term counselling support (over phone, video, or in-person), access for students living or studying abroad, specialized support for underserved or vulnerable populations, and the ability to integrate with SFU’s Health and Counselling services.


P: If you had one piece of advice to give to Jas Randhawa, the incoming President, what would it be?

HK: Always remember that our organization is funded by student dollars. We’re funded by students who may be struggling financially, mentally, academically, or socially. Be a strong voice for them and make sure to conduct yourself with the utmost integrity because people are watching us.


P: What’s next on the card for you?

HK: Vacation! As I am writing this, I am at the airport heading to Korea and Thailand.


P: Pie or cake, which do you want in the farewell party?

HK: Cake. More specifically, ice-cream cake.