Summer job roundup

Here are some options to make some sweet bank this summer

Image courtesy of the North Carolina Appellate Practise Blog

By: Bernice Puzon 

Summer is the time for beautiful weather, hanging out with friends, and if you’re lucky enough, taking a break from school. While you ideally want to be carefree during Vancouver’s most beautiful time of the year, it also helps to make some extra cash and gain work experience during a typically more laidback time of year. Finding a summer job doesn’t have to be a drag, and there are several cool opportunities throughout the Lower Mainland for students this season. Here are some options.

  1. Granville Island Summer Ambassador, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

How to apply: Online

Deadline to apply: April 6

Job description: The beautiful Granville Island is a tourist attraction all year round, with its quaint storefronts, abundance of food, and charming marketplace. This definitely makes it an ideal place to work in the summertime. As a Granville Island Summer Ambassador for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, you’ll act as a front line of communication for visitors to Granville Island, providing information services and assisting at special events. Interested?


2. Museum Assistant – Curatorial, Township of Langley

How to apply: Online

Deadline to apply: “The position will not close until the position is filled.”

Job description: Calling all aspiring anthropologists, historians, and, well, lovers of museums in general. This opportunity from the Township of Langley will have you handling exhibits and artifacts for their museum collection. You will be assisting with the set up, research, and marketing for upcoming exhibits while also trying your hand at completing your own curatorial outreach projects. Does this position speak to your inner arts and social sciences nerd?


3. 911 Operator (Student Program), E-Comm 911

How to apply: Online

Deadline to apply: Unspecified online, but training for selected candidates begins April 3

Job description: Think you have what it takes to help others in the event of an emergency? You could be doing this lifesaving work by being at the other end of the line and assisting those in need this summer. E-Comm 911 is hiring eight students to support the 911 operator program this summer. Full training is provided and there is an opportunity to continue this work on a part-time basis once you return to school in the fall. Students who are interested in a career in the public services sector might want to check this one out.


4. SFU Summer Camp Instructor

How to apply: Online

Deadline to apply: April 2

Job description: If you have a passion for working with kids, this annual opportunity will allow you to do just that while having fun in the sun. It’ll make campus seem a little less dreary since you’ll be making some extra cash while being looked up to as an almighty adult who offers guidance to the kiddos.


Good resources that can help you along

  • Indeed, LinkedIn, and job social media accounts: None of the above opportunities suit your fancy? Not to worry, as there are plenty of other search engines and portals where you’ll be able to find your next opportunity. Indeed has plenty of summer student listings, and unbeknownst to students, LinkedIn acts as more than just your online resume and has a fairly comprehensive listing of positions as well. There are also social media accounts that are specifically for posting jobs — one of the accounts I was recommended to check out as a communication major was the Twitter handle @BestJobsinVan, as Lesley Chang, the moderator of the account, shares positions on a daily basis.
  • myInvolvementSFU: This website is exclusively for SFU students, so you’ll have to log in with your SFU computing ID. It is a pretty cool job portal that lists on- and off-campus employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and career and development workshops that are happening around campus. Since it is a portal only available to SFU students, applying for on-campus job opportunities posted on here would mean you’d have significantly less competition than if you were applying for a position elsewhere. You’ll also be applying for jobs that are considerate of your student workload and schedule and will do their best to accommodate that.


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