Dogspotting at SFU

Actual proof that the world is good

Image credit to Nathaniel Tok

Photographed by Nathaniel Tok

Commentary provided by Professional Dog Experts (a.k.a. The Peak Staff)


Name: Isis

Breed: Husky

Spotted: January 8

Janis McMath: NEVER stop this, Isis. 10/10.

Yuri Zhou: Huskies are my favourite dogs, especially with those eyes.

Natasha Tar: Husky + heterochromatic eyes = <3

Gabrielle McLaren: Appropriately named after a goddess.

Grace Rose: What a good frozen boof. *cues Let It Go*

Henry Tran: The hidden blue in your twinkling eyes, mellow and warm yellow, that’s you <3


Name: Maisie

Breed: Golden retriever

Spotted: January 10

Fun fact: Her nickname is ‘Mai’

Janis: She’s perfect, she’s beautiful, she looks like Linda Evangelista . . . she’s a model. Everything about her is perfect! 10/10.

Natasha: Aw. She looks like a happy doggo. I think I’ve seen her on campus before?

Gab: Photographs like she knows that she’s going to be the cutest one on this list.


Name: Storm

Breed: Lab retriever

Spotted: January 10

Fun fact: Storm eats anything

Janis: A perfect storm. 11/10.

Gab: Me as a dog, but cuter.

Yuri: *bursts out laughing* Look at his smile!!!! And where are his eyes?

Grace: Move over Kylie Jenner’s kid. This is the only Storm that matters.


Name: Lyan

Breed: German shepherd

Spotted: January 12

Janis: Lyan, I would be Lyan’ if I said you weren’t the most beautiful creature to grace the face of this planet. 13/10.

Gab: Such a good dog, he can’t even look at the camera because he’s so busy shepherding and being a friend.


Name: Butter

Breed: Australian shepherd

Spotted: January 15

Fun fact: Butter has lived at SFU her whole life (since 2005), and she likes the trails here because there are less people. She always sticks close to her owner because of shepherd behaviour traits.

Amneet Mann: Magnificent. This dog has its shit together better than I do. 10/10 fur also.

Natasha: I totally agree with Amneet. She’s a beauty.

Gab: There is nothing not to like about this dog, oh my God.

Yuri: She’s so cute, like a bear.

Grace: What a majestic doggo. I need her hair care routine.

Henry: Butter looks so elegant and sophisticated here, especially with her posture and gaze!



Name: Mocha

Breed: Toy poodle

Spotted: January 16

Natasha: I think I can relate to Mocha the most out of all these dogs. Looks slightly nervous. Awkwardly turning away from the camera.

Yuri: All poodles are really good.



Name: Dashu / 大叔

Breed: Maltese poodle

Spotted: January 17

Natasha: Such a stylish sweater for a stylish dog.

Gab: This dog is bilingual, there goes my heart.

Yuri: This dog’s name is either ‘uncle’ or ‘old uncle’ in Chinese.


Grace: He. Has. A. Sweater. *cries*