Irene Lo / The Peak

By: Gabrielle McLaren


Business relating to the Surrey Campus Committee

The Board motioned to approve up to $1,075 for the Surrey Campus Committee’s (SCC) Games Day event on March 12. The event will take place on the Surrey Campus’ Mezzanine, and will include popcorn, carnival games, and video games. This will be the biggest event organized by the SCC, aside from Pub Night. The SCC aims to run one event a semester based off an at-large member’s proposal.

The Board also resolved to appoint Gurpreet Boparai as a new at-large member for the SCC.  


The Board received a presentation on behalf of WUSC

The SFSS Board of Directors received a presentation on behalf of the SFU local committee of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC). WUSC is a non-profit that, among other things, powers the Student Refugee Program (SRP) which allows students from refugee camps to pursue post-secondary education. According to the local committee, SRP has been active at SFU since 1981. In 2016, the number of sponsored students jumped from one to two to six.

The funding for SPR is currently split between student levies and the VP’s office. The local committee is proposing a $2.50 increase in the levy for full-time undergraduate students ($1.50 for part-time students) in order to make the program sustainable. The Board is awaiting to review WUSC’s current, past, and projected budgets before taking further action.


Semester reports for summer 2017 and fall 2017 will be made publically available

The Board motioned to approve and publically release the semester reports for summer 2017 and fall 2017 by the Board of Directors. The Board cited transparency in their decision to make the reports accessible to students.