SFU sports clubs you may have missed

Why go to clubs days when we can bring it to you?

Whether you are a new or senior student, here's the sports clubs SFU has to offer. (Photo courtesy of Simon Fraser Student Society)

By: Eva Zhu

Are you a new (or fifth-year who finally wants to join a club or two) student at Simon Fraser University who is looking for fun sports clubs to join but don’t know where to start? If your answer is ‘yes’, look no further. Below are a list of all the sports clubs at SFU with details on how to get in touch with them.


The Badminton Club is accessible to all students, staff, and alumni who are searching for a space to have fun and play some badminton. The club is aimed at improving players’ skills and overall health and well-being. To join, contact: badminton@sfu.ca.


The Cheerleading Club is aimed at promoting and expanding cheerleading skills at all levels. Students help promote school spirit by cheering at varsity basketball and football games. To join, all you have to is take part in the termly tryouts. Dress in shorts, a T-shirt, and running shoes and go have fun! For other inquiries, a contact form can be found here.


If you’re a technically trained dancer who wants to be part of a team of equally talented dancers, this club is for you! By being part of the Dance Club, you have the opportunity to choreograph routines for your teammates and perform at athletic events held by SFU. This is great way to make long-term friends while having fun. Membership is by audition. Contact the club at: sfudanceteam@outlook.com.


Fencing Club is perfect if you’ve always wanted to learn to fence, but has never gotten around to it. Students do not need to have prior experience to be part of this competitive sports club. It’s led by experienced students and members are given the opportunity to compete at regional and national levels. Students are responsible for purchasing their own equipment and training sessions are held on campus. To get in touch, contact club president Marie-Rose Bruskiewicz at mhuellas@sfu.ca.

Field Hockey

The Women’s Field Hockey Club is a competitive sports team that competes in Division I of the Vancouver Women’s Field Hockey Association. It’s a great club to join if you’re looking to practice and sharpen your field hockey skills while also making friends. You can either send them an email at fhd@sfu.ca or fill out a contact form here.

Field lacrosse

SFU’s Men’s Field Lacrosse Club allows students to play collegiate-level lacrosse on the only field lacrosse program in British Columbia. Students compete at the national level as the only Canadian team of the Men’s College Lacrosse Association. If you’re interested, either contact the club at lacrosse@sfu.ca or fill out the recruitment form here.


If you’ve ever wanted to join either the men’s or women’s wrestling team but don’t have the experience, the Grappling Club might be for you! Members learn techniques and maneuvers to help them gain an upper hand against an opponent. Grappling is used in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, wrestling, and catch-wrestling. If any of this sounds exciting, email grapple@sfu.ca.

Ice hockey

Simon Fraser University’s Men’s Hockey Team recruits the highest level junior hockey players to play in the the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL), and competes against BCIHL competition such as UVIC and Trinity Western. If you’re an experienced junior hockey player and you would like to join the team, you can fill out the recruitment questionnaire or send the team an email at hockey@sfu.ca.


SFU’s Kendo Club is not just for students, but everyone! People of all skill levels are welcome to come to the practices, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve practiced Kendo and/or Iaidō for years or are just curious. You can contact the club at sfukendo@gmail.com.


A wise person probably once asked themselves “how do we create a club that combines Harry Potter and athletics?” They thought about it a little, and in 2013 they created the Quidditch Club. The aim of the club is to be a space for students to have fun and create friendships while playing a collegiate sport. The team competes in national (for the Quidditch National Cup) and international tournaments. If this sounds like your kind of sport, email sfuquidditch@gmail.com.


Simon Fraser has one of the top university rowing programs in Canada, helping cultivate athletes that compete at both the provincial and national level. The Rowing Club’s goal is to promote the sport both within the university and in the nearby communities. Due to this not being an official sports team, students are expected to pay their own fees. For more information, contact rowing@sfu.ca.


SFU Rugby is the largest sports club with more than 100 students, non-students, and alumni. Men and women of any skill level and age are welcome. Those interested should bring cleats, a mouthguard, a towel, as well as a shirt, pair of shorts, and socks to the first practice. Those interested can contact rugby@sfu.ca.


The Tennis Club is a recreational sports club for students of all skill levels. The goal is to have fun while meeting other tennis enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy playing recreationally or competitively; if you like tennis, this club’s for you. To contact, email tennis@sfu.ca.

Ultimate Frisbee

Students of all skill levels are invited to join the Ultimate Frisbee Club. In the fall and spring terms, men and women’s teams sign up to compete in two to four tournaments. Sportsmanship and fair play are two key aspects of this club. Those interested can email ultimate@sfu.ca.


The SFU Volleyball Club is perfect for students who are interested in playing volleyball at a competitive level. There is a separate men and women’s team which are led by individual coaches. The teams compete in college invitationals, club provincial championships, Volleyball BC leagues, and exhibition matches with other collegiate teams. To contact, email sfuvball@sfu.ca.

Water Polo

The Water Polo Club advertises themselves as a “fun and inclusive” club, that works to give its members a way to meet people and get/stay in good shape. They meet Wednesdays and Sundays from 8–10 p.m. Everybody is welcome, with a range of skill levels from beginner to expert. If water polo interests you, contact the club at sfuwaterpolo@gmail.com.