New Music Friday

(Linda Shu / The Peak)

By: Ana Maria Mejia Morales, Neil MacAlister, Edna Batengas, and Jenna Beetstra

“Whatever You Want” – P!nk

Neil MacAlister: This isn’t nearly as good as her song from last week, but it’s not bad. The writing on the chorus is straight-up lazy, though.

Ana Maria Mejia Morales: I don’t mind it, but she is becoming one of those artists whose music all sounds the absolute same. Lame, and frankly, boring.

Edna Batengas: P!nk, please just keep these tunes coming. I love how mellow this song is compared to her previous work. I’m digging it!

Jenna Beetstra: I used to rock out to P!nk in my friend’s living room and make up dances. This definitely isn’t a dancing song, but it’s not too bad. Nothing special.

“Ma Lo” – WizKid, Spellz, Tiwa Savage

NM: I keep waiting for WizKid to switch it up and give us something different, but I guess he’s just never going to.

AMMM: I like this song. Yeah, it sounds the same as everything everywhere, but it’s catchy. Sue me.

EB: I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of WizKid. He is one of the reasons why Afrobeats is now on the charts outside of Africa. I love his style, no one can ever replace him.

JB: Something about this just sounds off to me.

“Catchu Catchu” – Lartiste

NM: This sounds like a song Major Lazer would have made in 2010. It’s kind of catchy, but I feel like music has moved on.

AMMM: I love this French party music! This will be a song I can hear at a club somewhere in France and a girl will say, “C’est mon chanson!” Love it.

EB: This song already has me dancing in my seat. Yeah, this would definitely get anyone who has rhythm out on the dance floor. I appreciate music like this, positive vibes!

JB: This makes me want to jump on a plane and go clubbing in France. It’s a good thing I’m heading there in 2018! There’s just something fun about songs in other languages to me.

“How Long” – Charlie Puth

NM: Charlie Puth’s really on his JT here. He’ll always just be the guy from “See You Again,” though, and this isn’t doing much for me.

AMMM:  I like this. It’s a typical pop jam and an easy background listen.

EB: I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’m kinda over Charlie Puth. Like, there’s nothing wrong with him, but meh, not really feeling his music anymore.

JB: I actually had to Google this guy because I didn’t know who he was. I feel like if I was a tween, I still might enjoy this song, but yeah, I’m just a little bit past that age.

“Pray” – Sam Smith

NM: I never got on the Sam Smith hype train. He puts me to sleep.

AMMM: Did everyone see that Sam Smith is seeing that guy from 13 Reasons Why? Sorry. Sidetracked. I think Sam is a very talented artist, but like P!nk, IT ALL SOUNDS THE SAME.

EB: Wow, wow, and wow. This song is by far my favourite Sam Smith song. Gosh, I love this. The lyrics are just so relatable. YES.

JB: I really love Sam Smith, his voice, and his lyrics. He’s coming to Vancouver next year FYI people. He has such great, slow songs. This isn’t a favourite of mine, but I do like it!

“His & Hers (Perspectives)” – Wretch 32

NM: I really liked Wretch 32’s verse on Stormzy’s album, but this isn’t really impressing me. He’s dropping a new album, though, so hopefully he’s got some more interesting stuff there.

AMMM: I don’t know much about rap, or who he is, but his accent is absolutely on point. The song is lyrically complex and personal. That’s all I can say about this.

EB: Meh, not really feeling this one. I think it’s hit or miss when it comes to British rap.

JB: The accent really threw me off at first. Actually, it threw me off the whole time. I can’t say I’ve heard much British rap, so this sounded kind of funny to me. I feel like all I hear is the accent and not the actual words.

“Mystik” – Tash Sultana

NM: This song is pretty cool, but that trumpet solo really blows everything else away.

AMMM: What a talented person! What a great voice! What a crappy rhythm!

EB: I like this. It’s alternative, but still amazing. Consider it added to my playlist.

JB: I like this one. Sounds like a road trip in Cali.

“Heart The Weekend” – Shakka

NM: Shakka’s featured on one of my favourite Young Thug songs, but for some reason I never got around to checking out his solo stuff. I think I’m going to have to, because this is kind of awesome.

AMMM: The song basically only says “I love the Weekend.” I find more interesting things inside the garbage.

EB: Even though it’s pretty repetitive, you have to admit that it’s pretty catchy! I’m already singing along to it.

JB: I love the weekend too, but no need to say it a million times. I feel like this guy could be good, but seriously, repeating the same sentence over and over again should not be considered a chorus.

“Bad Habit” – Kid Ink

NM: We honestly need to stop paying attention to Kid Ink. He put out that one good song in 2011 where he sampled “California Dreamin’,” and that was pretty much it for him.

AMMM: This week’s playlist sounds all the same. This song is OK. I don’t mind it, but there is nothing fun or different about it.

EB: I’ve got nothing against Kid Ink, but that was pretty boring. Just saying.

JB: The first 20 seconds were a waste of time. Why start off so slow? People will just change the song because they think nothing is playing. There’s still something missing in the rest of the song though, and I can’t decide what it is.

“Tuzak” – Kezzo

NM: This is alright. I’m digging the synths.

AMMM: I’m guessing Turkish? I have no idea what he is saying, and for all I know it could be some kind of beautiful poetry. Seeing that I don’t need any translation for the beat, I am gonna say this: it sucks!

EB: Someone please buy me a Turkish to English dictionary. I must know what he’s saying!

JB: I know I said I was digging the music in other languages but this one just isn’t doing it for me.

“Chaos” – Rich Chigga

NM: I love Rich Chigga. He just has this way of rapping that seems so effortless. I wish he’d change it up more, though, this is pretty much his default sound.

AMMM: No. No. No. No. Stop. Next. What the hell is that album cover? Oh God, thank God its over . . . That was my actual reaction.  

EB: HAHAHA, I can see myself dancing to this song just to humour people. But seriously, NO. He kinda sounds like a random SoundCloud rapper.

JB: I do not like the siren-sounding thing in the background.

“Free Fallin’” – Tom Petty

NM: Ooh, this is kind of hard to listen to. RIP to a real legend, nobody sounds like Tom Petty.

AMMM: Will always be brilliant. Thanks Tom.

EB: My mum loves Tom Petty, so I only have good things to say! RIP Tom.

JB: ALL THE FEELS. I saw Tom Petty live in Pemberton in 2008. What a wonderful song this is, and will always be. Rest in Paradise.