Board plans event for club executives

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) approved an upcoming event for student club executives at the SFSS Board of Directors meeting on October 27. The event will be held in the Maggie Benston Centre food court on November 7 allowing club executives to connect with board members and share updates and ideas on the projects they are working on.

The budget for the club event is approximately $1,100 and will allow for a maximum of two representatives from each club registered with the society.

It will allow the society to gauge how its activities are affecting student groups and how to better assist clubs, according to Alam Khehra, vice-president of student life. It will also provide a forum for clubs to share advice on campus activities.

“At events like these where you can have like-minded individuals to help like-minded individuals, rather than [the SFSS] to help every single person . . . I think that’s a way better approach,” concluded Khehra.