By: Nathaniel Tok

CANADA – Prime Minister makes Indigenous reconciliation speech to UN

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted in his speech to the UN General Assembly last week that Canada has failed Indigenous people and pledged to improve efforts to support Indigenous self-determination and reconciliation. Trudeau used the international platform to highlight the issue, though, two years after taking office, critics say he is not doing enough to mend the country’s relationship with Indigenous peoples. Many Indigenous communities face many issues from unsafe drinking water to high levels of poverty. Trudeau recently reorganized his cabinet to emphasize Indigenous affairs.

With files from Reuters.

MEXICO – Another earthquake strikes the country

Another magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck the Mexican state of Oaxaca this past weekend, the state most battered by an earlier earthquake on September 7. The state government said that buildings collapsed and at least two people died in the recent quake. The US Geological Survey suggested that this recent earthquake was an aftershock of the earthquake earlier this month. In the capital, Mexico City, rescue efforts following an earthquake on September 19 that killed over 300 people were temporarily halted as residents felt the tremors. The Mexican president said that government workers would provide help to those in need.

With files from AP News and BBC News.

NORTH KOREA – US military deploys bombers to North Korean coast

The US Air Force has sent bombers into international airspace off the North Korean east coast in a show of force. The military states that this is the furthest north of the Korean demilitarized zone that any of its aircraft have travelled in the new millennium. The deployment comes amidst the tension and verbal sparring between governments in the United States and North Korea. Earlier this month, the UN Security Council implemented additional sanctions on North Korea for its missile program. The US and South Korea are still at war with North Korea since the Korean War in the 1950s only ended in a truce.

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GERMANY – Merkel wins fourth term as chancellor

Angela Merkel has won a fourth term as Chancellor of Germany but her conservative Christian Democratic Union Party received its worst election outcome since 1949. Their control of the Bundestag parliament has fallen to 32.9% compared to 41.5% in the 2013 election. The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party also stunned the establishment by being the first far-right party to enter the Bundestag in over 50 years. The Social Democrat Party also had their worst result since 1933.

With files from Reuters.