Slave: A contemporary story of resilience and resolute courage

If you thought that slavery was a thing of the past, this book will prove you wrong

(Image courtesy of Public Affairs)

By: Edna Batengas

Slave follows the true life story of Mende Nazer, a Sudanese woman, who lost her childhood when she was sold into slavery at the age of twelve. After being captured by Arab raiders, she was enslaved in the city of Khartoum and was later sent as a slave to a family in London. Although Nazer faces many hardships and struggles, we also learn about her life before she was captured, living in a village in South Sudan with her family.

     It was so hard to put this autobiography down as it was intense, deep, and emotional. Even though this book was not an easy read due to its mature and at times very graphic content, it is still worth the read. The language of the book itself is simple to understand with no unnecessary jargon.

     I think that everyone should read this book, as we are privileged to be living in freedom and we take it for granted. This slavery didn’t take place hundreds of years ago, but just in 1993. It highlights how the Arab slave trade and other forms of slavery are still common and continue to go on today. This powerful story opens up our eyes to the realities of the world we are living in. Slave takes on the journey of a young woman who faces several trials, but with courage and strength, overcomes them all.