Famous actors and actresses from Canada

Celebrities you may not have known are from beyond the wall

(Alex Bloom / The Peak)

By: Alex Bloom and Edna Batengas

Michael J. Fox: Best known for playing Marty McFly in Back to the Future, this Edmonton, Alberta-born actor has gone on to play significant roles in TV series such as Spin City, Rescue Me, and Family Ties. He even made a cameo appearance as himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Fun Fact: Fox has done a lot of voiceover work and was the voice of Stuart Little. – AB

Ryan Gosling: Born in London, Ontario, Gosling is best known for his role in The Notebook and, more recently, La La Land. He also appeared in Drive, The Big Short, and showed off his talent for physical comedy alongside Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys.

Fun fact: Ryan Gosling is in a two-man band called Dead Man’s Bones. – AB

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah, we got all the good Ryans. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Reynolds is best known for The Proposal and would like you to forget that he was in Green Lantern. Thankfully we can, because of his hilarious portrayal of Deadpool . . . Er, his second portrayal of him anyway.

Fun fact: He’s touching himself tonight. – AB

Adam Beach: Born in Ashern, Manitoba of the Saulteaux people, Beach is most well-known for Smoke Signals, Windtalkers, and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee among many other films. He also made a short appearance in Suicide Squad.

Fun fact: Adam Beach has agreed to be an ambassador for Canada 150, promoting the celebrations on the condition that he is allowed to give voice to the Indigenous peoples of Canada and to discuss the ongoing struggles they face due to our country’s troubled history of abuse. – AB  

Tatiana Maslany: Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, she is most known for her lead role in Orphan Black, but she has also appeared in Defendor and Two Lovers and a Bear.

Fun fact: Maslany has been commended greatly for her unique lead role in Orphan Black, where she plays upwards of five recurring characters, demonstrating her phenomenal acting ability. – AB

William Shatner: From Montreal, Quebec, Shatner is best known for playing Captain Kirk in Star Trek. His career is extensive, but later appearances include Boston Legal, $#*! My Dad Says, and various voice acting appearances, including an upcoming one in the My Little Pony series.

Fun fact: While it is disputed when the first interracial kiss on television did actually take place, the 1968 kiss between Captain Kirk and Uhura in Star Trek is a contender for the title. – AB

Rachel McAdams: This actress from London, Ontario is famous for her roles in both television and film productions such as The Notebook, Mean Girls, and True Detective.

Fun fact: She was born in the same hospital as The Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario. – EB

Seth Rogen: An actor, comedian, and writer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Rosen is famous for films like This Is the End, The Interview, and Neighbors (parts one and two).

Fun fact: He attended Point Grey Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia and started performing stand-up comedy at the age of 13. – EB

Ellen Page: Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this Canadian actress is most known for her roles in films such as Juno, Inception, and the X-Men series.

Fun fact: She got her nickname “the tiny Canadian” from her roommates in New York.  – EB

Sandra Oh: Born in Ottawa, Ontario, she is best known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy as well as The Princess Diaries, Double Happiness, The Diary of Evelyn Lau, and Arliss.

Fun fact: Oh once said she was “. . . the only person in her family who doesn’t have a master’s in something.” – AB