Snowy SFU a sight to behold at night

While the Trottier observatory is a great place to take pictures of stars, it was the place to take pictures of SFU last night.

With the first major snowfall in the greater Vancouver area in nearly three years happening on Monday, it was the first snow day for many of the undergraduate students at Simon Fraser University, as classes were cancelled.

While Burnaby Mountain was not safe to drive up during the day, the roads had cleared up in the evening, allowing anyone willing to brave the cold to come up and observe the sights of a snow-covered SFU in the moonlight. Those who made the trek would not have been disappointed.



The heaps of snow provided a different look for SFU, which usually can be a depressing sight for students during the winter months. However, it would not be a stretch to refer to the campus as a winter wonderland last night.





While it was reported that international students were making their first snowmen in residence, that didn’t stop several from appearing throughout the AQ as well, with one pictured here near the pond outside Robert C. Brown Hall.


The AQ pond even looked like it could have been frozen over, but it became very clear upon a quick test that it was still very much liquid.

Photo by Jessica Pickering
Photo by Jessica Pickering

Despite SFU’s grey, concrete aesthetic (which fools people into thinking it was designed as a prison) some parts of the school looked almost Narnia-like last night.


Even the Highland Pub looked ready to have a winter patio party, if it were ever open on Monday nights.


And with how breathtaking the view of the city can look from SFU…


…it’s pretty easy to fall in love with a snowy campus.