How to flirt with your cute tutorial partner


University classes offer students the perfect window to find that special somebody, yet they don’t teach you how to effectively flirt with your tutorial or lab partner. So listen up and take good notes. You might not have a stellar GPA, but hey, winning the heart of that cutie is much more important than paying attention in tutorial.

Debate theory

Girls dig guys who can debate a theory or two at any time. Plus, it really shows your “academia is my soulmate” side. Get her eating out of the palm of your hand while you debate about theories, like whether it hurt when she fell out of the sky, or how possible it is for her hair to look this luscious all the damn time.

Arrange a library date

The sexiest thing to do with your tutorial partner? Just stare. It’s kinda tough to do in tutorial with so much noise and chatter, but in the silence of the library, you can study the colours of his eyes, the bone structure of his jaw, and the curve of his lips. Whoever said anatomy was boring?!

Get the professor’s approval

Show your lady who really dominates the lecture hall by getting in on some witty and intellectual banter with your professor. If your prof springs a 10-point quiz on you, spring back with a confident “I don’t need to study this quiz because I got a perfect 10 right here,” while gesturing at your girl beside you. If she doesn’t get in on that, maybe your prof will swoon at it.

Share your notes

Notes are a coveted part of studying, so show your guy that you care about them by sharing some of your own notes with him. Notes can include the ones that you took when you paid attention in lecture for all of five minutes, as well as doodles of your future family, an ode about how great his hair looks in the morning, or graphs that chart out exactly how perfect his eyebrows are. You’ll both pass this class with flying colours!

Do your research

Ladies love it when you pay attention to their life, interests, and likes — wait, you haven’t been paying attention? You better hit the books and study her social profiles and networks pronto tonto! Be sure to cite Best Friend et al. when talking about how great last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was, or discuss how Ex-Boyfriend (2014) was a real sleazeball. You’ll definitely melt her heart with how much you pay attention to her!