Studio Ghibli movies reimagined as Sundance Film Festival winners

You’ve seen and appreciated the dramatic and astonishing character of Sundance Film Festival movies, and also have loved the adorable and uplifting nature of Studio Ghibli films, but have you ever imagined the two intermingled?  You haven’t? Well, The Peak knows what you want and we’ve got it for you babe — don’t even worry.


Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

kikis-deivery-serviceRecent art-school dropout Kiki finds herself completely out of answers and hopelessly directionless. During her struggle to find purpose once again, Kiki spends her nights stoned out of her mind talking to her cat. One evening while having a particularly stimulating conversation with Jiji, she realizes that drugs are, in fact, the answer to all her problems when she decides to start up a weed delivery service of her own. As she pursues this new and exciting career, Kiki learns about herself and the complex life as a vendor of the black market. (120 mins.)

My Neighbour Totoro (1988)

neighburWhen sisters Mei and Satsuki accidently find out their beloved long-time neighbour is a serial killer and corrupt cop while visiting him for dinner one night, they work undercover together in hopes of collecting enough incriminating evidence to convict him for his gruesome sins. The sisters devote their nights to playing detective and quickly become obsessed with solving a crime which seems to never stop growing and evolving. They unfold a conspiracy they were never prepared for, risking it all to expose the truth. (160 mins.)

Princess Mononoke (1997)

rincess-mnnkeSan is a shy insomniac living a timid and tired life, until one day she meets a familiar-looking stranger who insists that she looks exactly like someone who goes by the alias “Princess Mononoke.” Her silent life begins to rapidly spiral out of control when she learns that she has multiple personality disorder, and a second personality who is a wealthy and reputable escort. San’s fervent struggle to maintain her identity and sanity begins once she realizes that her alter-ego is trying to take over. (200 mins.)