Fuck Donald Trump

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the wise words of rapper YG, “fuck Donald Trump.”

As an extremely left-wing liberal American, I am constantly baffled by the actions of the Republican party each election season. This year, however, took everyone by surprise.

Not one, but three prominent Republican candidates this time around had zero political experience: Trump, a reality television personality; Ben Carson, a brain surgeon; and Carly Fiorina, a businesswoman who faced rampant sexism from her own political side before dropping out.

Senator Marco Rubio was the son of a Cuban immigrant with seemingly inconsistent views on immigration. Governor Jeb Bush ran, as if the United States hadn’t been fucked over enough by the Bush family. Senator Ted Cruz, apart from becoming synonymous with the Zodiac Killer, ultimately fell to Trump as a niche and misleading candidate. And finally, Governor John Kasich, at first so unpopular that he was ignored in GOP debates, became the last man standing against Trump.

It’s safe to say that this year’s campaigning period is an utter shit-show.

Cruz, Bush, Kasich, and Rubio all have what Trump doesn’t: experience. Furthermore, they’re also much more aligned with the Republican party’s values. So why is Trump poised to win the nomination?

It’s no secret that the American political system is deeply flawed. While the two-term cap on presidents prevents dictatorships, it also means that if the president in question wants to rerun two years into the first term, they must begin campaigning instead of focusing their attention on actually being president. Furthermore, eight years is hardly enough time to do anything at all, especially when the Congress majority is stacked against you.

Trump’s presumptive nomination is dangerous.

The inability to pass legislation or make any real substantive changes leads to an impatient population of citizens who crave someone new. It makes sense that, after eight years of a somewhat liberal president, Republicans are more thirsty than ever for an aggressively conservative candidate. Hence, Trump.

Additionally, Donald Trump has a talent for catering to people’s fears. For example, say you’re a parent struggling to find work. You hear on Fox News that Mexican ‘illegals’ are coming into the US looking for jobs. You blame them for your bad luck. Then, this orange man with bad hair claims he’ll build a fucking wall on the southern border to keep them out. Problem solved.

Even better? He’ll get Mexico to pay for it.

It doesn’t matter that his proposals are both economically devastating and a probable cause for war. If you don’t do the research, you don’t know that. What you do know is that he’s the harshest GOP candidate. You’re wary of other candidates who all promise to do the same thing, but never do. So you put your trust in Trump.

Using his blatant lack of understanding for diplomatic relations and economic policy, Trump transforms himself from a celebrity with a net worth of $4 billion into a regular ol’ family man, appealing to the masses of struggling white families raised on conservative values. Families who are tired and distrustful of ‘career politicians.’

Trump’s presumptive nomination is dangerous. If he were to be elected president, his ignorant foreign policy to “bomb the shit out of [ISIS]” would result in outbreaks of war around the world. Trump has stated he’d prioritize businesses over the environment, and plans to make the US military “so strong, and so powerful, and so great.” His cuts to the Department of Education would result in closed schools and overcrowded classrooms.

Trump as president would be entirely devastating. Anyone with actual political experience would scoff at these proposals — and, for the most part, they do. Trump has very little respect from established politicians in even his own political party, let alone Democrats and moderates.

So, yeah. Fuck Donald Trump.