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UNB students test out their drones. - Photo courtesy of CBC

U of A students finish building zero-emissions vehicle

Engineering students at the University of Alberta have recently put a stamp of approval on their over a year long project dedicated to building a zero-emissions vehicle. The 300-pound car emits only water, has three thousand horsepower, and goes 70 km per hour.

The team will be travelling to the United States where an annual clean car competition is held. The qualification for the top vehicle is not only speed, but its overall design, which is precisely what these U of A students have been focused on.

With files from CBC

University of Windsor gets a U-Pass after 24 years

The U-Pass is easily one of university’s best perks. However, since 1992, this all-encompassing transit pass has not been approved at the University of Windsor. Finally, with an overwhelming majority, it was passed in the small Toronto town.

The transit company in charge of the city has been in talks to increasing bus route services at all hours of the day and night in anticipation of a major spike in demand. The U-Pass will cost students $165 per annum.

With files from CBC

Students build drones from scratch at University of New Brunswick

April means two things for students at the University of New Brunswick: finals and drones. A group of students have been building quadcopters and drones with parts made from scratch and some found online. The team is preparing for a weekend contest at the university.

What’s more, despite the fact that this drone club only been around since September, they are already sponsored by Resson Aerospace, a company focused on integrating agriculture and drones.

With files from CBC