Your exam survival guide


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you prepared for exam season? It’s that time of the semester when students mindlessly roam the hallway in search of snacks, and end up skipping class to study for the class they skipped last week. Follow our guide and make sure you have all the essentials at the ready to survive the fast-approaching exam season.


  1. Coffee

Caffeine should be the only thing in your bloodstream. The ideal formula is four venti coffees from Starbucks per exam. It also helps to stock up on some junk food and miscellaneous snacks — you will most likely attempt to eat your stress away.

  1. Pajama bottoms and Ugg boots

You won’t just be wearing pajamas to bed anymore they’re a finals season wardrobe staple. The softer, fluffier, and cozier the pajama material, the better. If you’re preparing for a final that’s worth 40+ percent of your grade, strongly consider a onesie. Ugg boots are basically pajamas for your feet, so the two pieces naturally go hand-in-hand.

  1. Cell phone (With essential timewasters downloaded)

Make sure that your phone is near you at all times. After about five minutes of studying, you may need a break a phone with the essential applications like Netflix, Chitter, and Candy Crush is the best way to procrastinate efficiently. Use this tool wisely, as it can be a catalyst for emotional breakdowns later.

  1. Toque

Did you stay up all night and wake up with your face in your textbook and your hair going in 12 different directions? Well that’s nothing that a handy toque can’t fix! Along with its ability to pass as a stylish accessory, it’s also an easy solution for hiding the fact that you haven’t showered in days and your hair is a greasy mess.

  1. Box of tissues

Many tears will be shed in frustration and exhaustion, so it is best to prepare for the aftermath of the waterworks. A general rule of thumb is to buy four-ply Kleenex tissues in bulk, and to carry a small pack of tissues on you at all times. It will also be there when your exams are finally over and you are able to cry tears of joy.

  1. Backpack

The backpack is the treasure chest of student essentials during final exam season. It should include, but is not limited to: a variety of salty and fattening snacks, any notes you managed to make in the two hours’ worth of studying you did, and your sticky and faded student ID card to show your professor before an exam that sadly, you are who you say you are.