Top 15 Tweets from the SFSS Executive Debates

There may not have been that many in the audience, but those that were took to Twitter.

The Simon Fraser Student Society election is in full swing: candidates for the big six positions on the SFSS Board of Directors met in the West Mall Atrium on Burnaby campus earlier today to field questions from students and debate their credentials. Several candidates are running uncontested, and references to a lack of engagement ran throughout the debate. Here are 15 key tweets from the over-two-hours debate.

  1. When the low turnout spelled doom for the debates.

(To be fair, there is a precedent for this)

  1. When the crowd went HAM on the VP External candidates.

  1. When no one was sure if Darwin was throwing shade.

  1. When the VP Finance candidates really wanted us to know they were friends.

  1. When VP Student Life candidate Curtis Pooghkay channelled Petter.

  1. When VP External Kathleen Yang got real about the SFSS’ most important services.

  1. When we maybe got a little too sassy to VP Student Services candidate Larissa Chen. (Sorry, Larissa.)

  1. When VP Student Services Darwin Binesh repped the U-Pass referendum.

  1. When our photo editor dropped some truth bombs.

  1. When Kathleen tweeted what we were all thinking.

  1. When presidential candidate Darien Lechner told us how he felt about Build SFU.

  1. When his competitor Deepak Sharma namedropped his Facebook page.

  1. When a group of kids threatened to send the whole thing off the rails.

  1. When Darwin stopped being polite and got real.

  1. When VP University Brady Yano dropped the damn mic on the whole debate.