Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – This Unruly Mess I’ve Made

Written by Justin Stevens, Very Depressed Macklemore Fan

As the only unapologetic fan of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in The Peak office, I’m frankly embarrassed by This Unruly Mess I’ve Made — not just for its piss-poor excuse for content but rather the name of the album itself, which seems less witty than it does aggravatingly precise.

This album is nothing less than an overdrawn reparation for the artist’s controversial Grammy win over Kendrick Lamar. Which could have been cool — if it didn’t sound like a redundantly whiny whitewashed version of Yeezy’s MBDTF.

Fuck. What the hell happened?

When the sole highlight of your album is a incoherently junky track featuring a verse by Idris Elba — it’s high time to take your ass back to the lab and start from fucking scratch again.

This cacophonous symphonic travesty of shoddily produced, ineptly written, rank amateur dog shit isn’t worthy of even propagating the lowest depths of a Walmart dollar bin.

Highlights include: “Downtown,” “Let’s Eat,” and The first 15 seconds of “Dance-Off.”


Raleigh Ritchie – You’re a Man Now, Boy

Written by Jessica Whitesel, Arts Editor

You’re a Man Now, Boy is the first full length album to be released by Raleigh Ritchie following three EPs. While his musical career isn’t currently that well known, Raleigh Ritchie’s face and real name — Jacob Anderson — are. He is most well known for playing Grey Worm on Game of Thrones.

Don’t judge him based on the fact that he’s had a recurring role on one of the most well-recognized TV shows currently airing. He has the ability to become more well known for his music career than his acting career. You’re a Man Now, Boy sounds more like a greatest hits than a debut album. There are very few songs that aren’t radio ready, and even those ones sound better than some music that is currently topping the charts. He can rap and sing equally as well, so keep an eye on him as he moves forward with his musical career.

Highlights include: “Bloodsport ‘15,” “You’re a Man Now, Boy,” and “The Chased.”