It’s the most mundane task

To wait your turn

Shuffle your feet to the front of the line

You step aboard

Tap in and slowly look around

As someone once infamously said

Which seat should I take?

But there’s nothing left so you decide to stand

You tower over Macbooks and Herschel backpacks

Wisps of gossip and the sound of snoring backed by

Someone’s electronica thudding through their headphones

Sighs of impatience as you run through the laundry list of tasks to do today

Procrastination sandwiched in between “studying”

Wishing you had had coffee or breakfast this morning until

Someone shifts their position and knocks you out of your concentration

You bite your tongue from saying something and roll your eyes

Slipping into your daydream, eyes closing

You get comfortable until

You feel yourself falling forward

Eyes open, arrived at destination

Let your day begin