The Tartan Contributors (Issue 2)



Tamara Connor (Culture of Detachment) is a fourth year Political Science student. When she isn’t writing up a storm, Tamara can be found with a good book or watching her favourite television series, Murdoch Mysteries. She advocates for Canadian content broadcasting, the floppy disc, and the creation of a *drops mic* emoji.

Jasdeep Gakhal (An Artwalk to Remember) is a fourth year English major and History minor at SFU.

Michelle Hickey (Renaissance Man) is a student of Communications and Health Sciences. She enjoys learning and sharing people’s true and unheard stories.

Albert Kho (SFU’s Box in the Attic) is a second year student transitioning from Engineering to Actuarial Science. If he’s not in class, at the pool, or in front of a computer writing, he’s probably asleep.

Jonathan Pabico (The Best and Worst Movies Filmed on Campus) is a third year Philosophy Major.  He is currently a writer at The Peak and continues to be involved with it on a weekly basis. He also knows how to play the drums.

Tessa Perkins (Oh, Maggie) is a proud alumna, student, and staff member of SFU who is a former Arts Editor and current contributor for The Peak and writes for publications such as Dance International. She has a BA in English and French literature (with a minor in Publishing) and is working on a post-baccalaureate diploma in Communications.

Oscar Lira Sanchez (A Space for Art & Get With The Program!) is a student lost in the Visual Arts and History programs at SFU. Constantly confused and flustered, he is an artist and writer just trying to understand where he’s going and where he’s been.

Hannah Urquhart (An Artwalk to Remember) is a fourth year English and French Literature joint major.

Adam VanderZwan (“I Can’t Get Into My Classes Again?!”) is a fifth year Communications and Political Science student, currently working as The Peak’s Opinions Editor. Apart from consuming copious amounts of coffee and washing dishes to jazz music, he enjoys pensive walks on the beach and deep conversations.


Sam Fraser (Who’s Afraid of Thomas Wolfe?) is a fourth-year English major with a passion for Batman, bow ties, and bad movies. Sometimes he makes videos about these things and posts them on YouTube under the name “Adaptation Nation”.

Jesse Gotfrit (Thank You for Understanding) is a third year English major who writes both poetry and fiction, and who would love it if his stories made just a little difference in how people perceive and interact with the world.

Stephanie Hefti (Rattrap) is a fourth year English and History double major with a World Literature minor who presently bursts into tears each time she tries to think about choosing between serious grad studies and her plan to pursue creative writing alongside a teaching career.

Ryan Hoben (The New Denny’s) is an English major who occassionally can be found smoking cigarettes and working on his first novel from the comforts of his tiny one bedroom apartment in East Vancouver.

FICTION (Poetry)

Anisa Maya Dhanji (Atlantis and You) is a third year Linguistics major and French minor. She enjoys Canada’s lengthy coastlines and really great puns.

Lukas Grajauskas (Nebula III) is a fifth-year student majoring in Behavioural Neuroscience.

Rajdeep Grewal (Run River) is a fourth year Psychology & Dialogue student who loves writing and performing poetry, as well as connecting with other creative people.

Kyle Michels (Blason for a Stranger) is an English major completing his studies this semester

Sam Weselowski (Consortium) is a fourth year student who has recently began the English Honours program and will hopefully be writing a sensible thesis on the poetry of Jack Spicer.

Rachel Wong (145) is a second year student pursuing a Communications major and an International Studies minor. She is an avid blogger, foodie, and would like to one day read news to you for a living.

Iker Zarebski (Here) is a second year Cognitive Science Major. He is mainly interested in existential and erotic themes. Some of his influences are Pablo Neruda and Charles Bukowski.


Serena Chan (Here) is a Computing Science major as her second-degree, doodle-maker, and wannabe.

Zach Chan (145 & Who’s Afraid of Thomas Wolfe?) is a third year Interactive Arts and Technology student, where he explores connections between humans and technology in order to design interactions that will be memorable, defining experiences for others. Having only just started delving into the world of drawing a few years ago, pencil and ink are his main tools but digital art is slowly becoming another part of his tool belt for creating fan art and illustrations for school publications like The Peak and Tartan.

Momo Lin (Consortium) is a second year Kinesiology major currently in her my fourth year in Canada. Her personal website is built for all kids and adults ( and she believes in the truth of illustration that reflects the reality of the world.

Ariel Mitchell (Atlantis and You) is a 4th year student currently pursuing a Joint Major in Health Sciences and Philosophy. Her favorite flavor is bubble gum, followed closely by mint and vanilla.


Jonathan VanElslander  (A Space for Art & Run River) is a fourth year Environmental Science major specializing in forest ecology. He spends his free time taking film photographs of beautiful places and people and getting lost in the woods.


Andrea Bolland (Designer) is a fourth year Communications major with a passion for photography and design.

Austin Cozicar (Associate Non-Fiction Editor) is a third(ish) year Communications major. He formerly worked as The Peak’s Sports Editor, but is still on the ground covering SFU’s sports scene. He also works as the marketing coordinator at SFU Hockey. He also hopes he is immortal.

Brad McLeod (Managing Editor) is a fifth year Communications major who will soon be graduating. He is the creator of this magazine.

Amneet Mann (Associate Fiction Editor) is a first year student, a fan of good stories, bad jokes, and the people who tell them.