Craft Education: best beer near campus

Illustration by Phoebe Lim.

The Highland Pub has some good craft beer, but that doesn’t mean your quest for craft should stop there. Here are the three best craft beer bars within a reasonable distance of each SFU campus.

Burnaby — Hop and Vine Pub, 1601 burnwood drive, Burnaby

The Highland’s cheap food and good beer is a great option, but it’s not open on weekends, so where does this leave you? The Hop and Vine Pub. Located on the south slope of the mountain in a strip mall with a creepy tiny grocery store straight outta 1986, you’ll find this pub nestled in among a residential community. The Hop and Vine has helped cultivate the craft beer industry by providing a venue for a many events and beer pairing dinners, and its ever-changing tap list should be respected for a suburban pub.

Must Drink: Moody Ales Affable IPA or Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA, two of the most local, and best, IPAs going.

Surrey — Central City Brew Pub, 13450 102 Ave, Surrey

This one should be obvious by now. The Central City Brewery was at the forefront of the craft beer revolution winning Canadian Brewery of the Year twice in the early part of the decade (they’re basically the Edmonton Oilers of craft beer. . . wait, never mind). They have their killer line of Red Racer beers, which arguably set the bar for all other BC beers, and more recently they have launched a second line of beers under the “Central City” brand. So, they have two great line-ups of beer available in house. Even cooler are their guest taps providing you great beers from other breweries all under one roof — by the way, the roof is shared with the SFU surrey Campus.

Must Drink: Red Racer IPA, the first great BC IPA.

Downtown — Alibi Room, 157 Alexander St, Vancouver

Sure this one is a bit of a stretch, but when you have arguably the best craft beer bar in BC a few extra blocks away, you walk a few extra blocks away. Alibi Room sits on the outskirts of gas town, straddling the geographical location between cool and scary, making it kind of badass. Within its brick adorned walls you find over 50 taps of hard-to-find craft beers from BC, Washington, Oregon, and elsewhere. When a new brewery opens up, they haven’t really “made it” until they get a keg on at Alibi. Plus, how cool would it be if you were accused of a crime and the police asked where you were, and you were legitimately at the Alibi Room? They’ve got you covered.

Must Drink: Howe Sound Megadestroyer Imperial Licorice Stout, made just for the Alibi Room!