The Peak‘s guide to making the most of your summer

Photo courtesy of Phoebe Lim.

The end of summer is fast approaching, and my feelings on this transition can only be described as bittersweet. Frankly, I’m a colder weather kind of gal and I’m happy to welcome fall after the relentless reign of the hot sun. That being said, there are many wonderful things that can only be fully appreciated in the summer. I challenge you to take up all of these great summer activities, before it’s too late.

Enjoy patio season

Yes! I get so excited about this one. Patio season should be treasured and excessively taken advantage of in the summer — I mean, what could possibly be better than lounging around in a sundress, shaded in a sundried city, drinking pitchers of sangria? That’s right, pretty much nothing beats the lazy, weird conversations you have with your friends on those patios.

Our picks:

The Hub

Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe

Kitchen on Main

Get outdoors

I know this isn’t everyone’s ‘thing,’ but I believe everyone should still try to enjoy the great outdoors. Nature is awesome, and we should not only appreciate it, but actively embrace it. The water and food you need, your home, your air, all depend on our outdoor environment, and summer makes it look really Instagram-worthy.

Venture outdoors for some fresh air and a fresh perspective. Whether you prefer camping with your crew or lounging on the beach, there is something for everyone out there. Embrace the adrenaline and the outdoors while the weather is still beautiful.

Our picks:

Ziplining in Queen Elizabeth Park

Bungee jumping in Whistler

Tandem biking along the seawall

Celebrate life

Everybody wants to party and get together in the summer. Something about the weather not being grungy and gross makes people more interactive and sunshiny. Vancouver has an incredible lineup of music, food, and cultural festivals, especially in the summer. They are scattered abundantly throughout the city like confetti, so make sure you attend one of these parties for everyone.

Whether you want to eat your heart out or soak up some culture, there is something special and fun for everyone. Good company, good food, and good entertainment are the ingredients of pretty amazing memories, and it’s important to remember that there never has to be a reason to celebrate life.

Our picks:

Food Truck Festival (every Sunday)

Bard on the Beach (until September 26)

Outdoor movies in Stanley Park (every Tuesday)

The most popular season is slipping away from us, and we need to squeeze out every last bit of warmth and sunshine before the Vancouver downpour begins.

No matter how busy you are with school or work, everyone needs a summer vacation! Whether it’s two weeks or two days, in Honolulu or in Vancouver, take time to appreciate and bid a proper farewell to summer 2015.