Daniel Wesley’s “beach music” comes to Shorefest

Photo courtesy of Universal Music.

Vancouver’s Shorefest kicked off on July 25, and I had the opportunity to catch up with Daniel Wesley, a BC artist playing at the festival. Wesley has toured all over the province and will be making a stop at Shorefest an August 1 on the Sunset Beach stage.

Wesley discussed how his interest in music began. He recounted being a part of a large family and driving to various sports practices in the family’s old Volkswagen van and singing to classics by Neil Young, The Doors, and Michael Jackson. Music was always welcomed in his household.

Just like any other kid, having fun and playing, he remembers singing songs into the microphone, which just so happened to be a candle stick (we all did it). When he was a child, his parents let him and his siblings experiment with various sports and instruments; however, he didn’t decide he wanted to be in a band until the age of about 15, when he joined one with friends.

Fast-forwarding to the present, Wesley has recently released his seventh studio album, I Am Your Man. This album brings back some of the feelings and acoustic sounds of his previous work, but also captures unique qualities and displays his amazing musical progression. 

“My music is always evolving with my experiences,” Wesley said, noting that he enjoys artists like Neil Young who refuse to remain stagnant with their work. When asked about where he is now in his life and work, Wesley noted that he is expecting his second child soon, which gives him a new creative outlook.

Performing at Shorefest seems like the perfect venue for this local artist. Wesley describes his music as “beach music”; surely, the laid-back setting of English Bay will create a stunning atmosphere for the performance. Adding to that vibe, Wesley notes that the festival is free, further promoting an inclusive atmosphere.

Shorefest runs July 25, 29, and August 1, and is followed each night by the Celebration of Light fireworks. Be sure to catch a few of the many bands featured in the festival including The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, Chilliwack, and what is sure to be an amazing set by Daniel Wesley on on August 1.