Leo Awards 2015: Behind-the-scenes film geniuses honoured

The Leo Awards are about celebrating excellence in the film and television industry of British Columbia. The first leg of the 2015 Leo Awards took place on June 6 at The Westin Bayshore Hotel, where local technical geniuses were celebrated.

Ellie Harvie (Mrs. Bubkes in Some Assembly Required) wasn’t able to attend due to an emergency family issue, but Veena Sood (Mrs. Rashid in Little Mosque on the Prairie) rose to the occasion and was kind enough to co-host with Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett in Stargate: Atlantis). After an exquisitely hilarious bit alluding to actors as assholes, the long awaited celebration of technical talent kicked off.

Eadweard was the winner of four Leos: Best Makeup, Best Costume Design, Best Hairstyling, and Best Production Design. Kathy Howatt, the make up designer for the film quipped, “If anybody is talking to Josh [Epstein, Eadweard’s co-writer and producer], can you tell him he owes me therapy for all the merkins I had to apply?”

Violent, the second winner in the motion picture category, received three awards for Best Cinematography, Best Picture Editing, and Best Visual Effects.

Dead Hearts, a short drama, took home three Leos for Best Production Design, Best Make-Up, and Best Costume Design.

In the category of Dramatic Series, The Flash’s episodeGoing Rogue” took the Leo Award in Visual Effects.

Among the documentaries, Jordan Paterson and Norm Li won Leos for Cinematography and Picture Editing for Tricks On The Dead: The Story Of The Chinese Labour Corps In WWI.

It was a lovely night of many stars, peer appreciation, and heartfelt gratitude.