10 best tweets from the SFSS election night

– Brandon Hillier

In the early hours of Friday, March 27, the new SFSS board of directors members were officially announced. The Peak was there and tweeting. We’ve got the results for you here, but there was plenty more fun to be had. Here are the 10 best moments from tonight’s election results.

1. When candidates walked in with more than just coffee in hand.

2. When Eric Hadekaer blew the fashion game out of the park.

3. When Kayode Fatoba showed off his wild side.

4. When Johnny Aether nailed the experience of running in the SFSS election.

5. When CEO Oscar Sanchez had enough of the crowd’s sass.

6. When Sanchez perfectly described the VP External race.

7. When SFU students wished upon a star, and their dreams came true.

8. When Masmoudi and Weng hugged it out.

9. When runners-up Hadekaer and Aether looked on the bright side of things.

10. When our photo editor knew it was time to call it a night.