Tippy Top Ten: SFU Observatory

The weekly Peak Humour “Tippy Top 10” list is a hilarious and unique countdown of 10 jokes following a specific theme. It is completely original and in no way a rip-off of any segment from a popular late-night show hosted by David Letterman. In fact we here at The Peak had never even heard about David Letterman or his signature “Top Ten List” until we wrote that last sentence.  

SFU recently announced a new $4.4 million astronomical observatory and plaza which will house a telescope that the public can use to view galaxies billions of light-years away. Anyway here’s this week’s Tippy Top 10 . . .

Tippy Top 10 Reasons to Get Excited About the New SFU Observatory

10. We’ll be first to see the asteroid that destroys UBC (and the rest of earth)

9. Can finally stop lying about the size of our telescope

8. Will provide a safe place for students to pursue passion in science, or trip on acid

7. Might actually find out the difference between astrology, astronomy and scientology

6. Discovering a new comet could make you the envy of dozens

5. Will finally have a place to take dates to see Uranus

4. It’ll centralize school’s nerds in a way the Quidditch team never could

3. No longer have to just wonder about what those damn Wookies are up to

2. View of galaxies billions of light-years away will allow you to see just how minor and insignificant your degree is

1. Three words: Martian Sex Voyeurism